Our Super-Fun Kids’ Program at Green Ribbon Schools

Photo Credit: Ross William Hamilton, The Oregonian

Photo Credit: Ross William Hamilton, The Oregonian


Edible Legacies are delicious treasures to discover, cook and share –

and kids are the ones who make it all happen!

IACP Kids-in-the-Kitchen has teamed up with Green Ribbon Schools, ZeBot’s Kitchen and DooF (‘food’ backwards) to host an exciting project for creative kids ages 5-18, inspired by ZeKids Food Blogging Program.

Marielena & Olivia

Here’s all you need to do:

1. Learn  about your family’s food traditions by interviewing your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles or cousins about their favorite recipes – then ask them to help you cook (and share) a special meal. No relatives to interview? Ask a friend or neighbor – or start your own food tradition!

2. Tell us your story and, if you can, share your recipe (in words, photos, drawings and/or video).

3. Share the fun with other kids  on the Green Ribbon Schools website!

Green Ribbon Schools is a safe, monitored website for teachers, parents and kids.

With parents’ permission, we’re also showcasing some of our ZeKids food blogs on the DooF (“food” backwards) website, a multimedia gathering place founded by Bay Area media guru Mike Axinn, longtime Chez Panisse forager Alan Tangren and Williams-Sonoma writer & culinary historian Laura Martin Bacon.

Jessie Don French Fries



Please have your parent, guardian or teacher email your story/recipe to Laura Martin Bacon at kidsfoodblog@gmail.com.

Please make sure to put “Edible Legacies” in the subject line.

Your submissions also needs to include your first name, age and your parent or guardian’s permission to be part of this project.


You can post your students/members creative work directly! Please check out our project page on the Green Ribbon Schools website.


Sarah & MA



Text: Try to keep the word count for the story (not including the recipe) to 300 words, max. Of course, your blog can be much shorter — even just a couple of sentences are great! Please make sure your blog is in either a Microsoft Word or Text-Only format.

Photos: Submit one to three great photos! If your parents don’t want you to show images of your face on the internet, just take pictures of your ingredients, techniques, scenery, favorite pet enjoying your food — or whatever else you’d like.

Videos: Your videos should be no more than 2 minutes long – and shorter is fine! To submit, you’ll need to post them on YouTube, then send us the link in your email submission.

Gumbo Ya Ya Collage


Text & Photos: Since you’ll be uploading directly to the Green Ribbon Schools website, please free to create a blog with as much text and as many photos as you like. You can write a group blog by the entire class—or have individual students write their own brief blogs with bylines.

Videos: Please note that the maximum size video file that can be uploaded directly onto the Green Ribbon Schools website is 20MB. If your video file is larger, please upload it to YouTube, then post the link in your project file on the GRS website. Here’s an example!


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